P. H. Ceccato

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Climate change is likely to change the frequency of extreme weather events, such as tropical cyclones, floods, droughts and hurricanes, and may destabilise and weaken the ecosystem services upon which human society depends. Climate change is also expected to affect animal, human and plant health via indirect pathways: it is likely that the geography of(More)
Scientists at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) collaborated with Bogor Agriculture University Indonesia to investigate links between climate anomalies and fire hotspots in Kalimantan, Indonesia. During their investigation, a close relationship between satellite rainfall data and fire hotspot activity was found. Rainfall(More)
The present paper is an experimental study of a pulsed filamentary plasma discharge inside liquid water in pin to plane electrode configuration. Time resolved electrical and imaging diagnostics have been performed. The initiation and the propagation of the discharge have been studied for several experimental parameters. The propagation is continuous and is(More)
Thanks Thanks first to all to the cold plasma team Thanks Antoine Rousseau for the PhD thesis funding Thanks Olivier Guaitella for the experimental and moral support Thanks Joseph Youssef for sharing the experimental room Thanks Philippe Auvray for help Thanks Jean Larour for multiple technical solutions and discussions Thanks Pierre Ledelliou for dedicated(More)
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