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The retinohypothalamic tract (RHT) in the Djungarian hamster Phodopus sungorus was studied using anterograde neuronal transport of cholera toxin subunit B (CTB) following unilateral intraocular injection. A major projection terminates bilaterally in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN). In the anterior ventral SCN, a light ipsilateral predominance(More)
PURPOSE Histology still forms the backbone for the diagnosis of the myxoid and round cell subtypes of liposarcoma but the molecular identification of the different transcript variants remains a challenge, due, in part, to the complexity of multiple overlapping exons that they share between them. This study was conducted to develop and evaluate a more(More)
Based on animal studies it has been reasoned that ligands to sigma binding sites might be effective in the treatment of schizophrenic disorders and may also be used to investigate this largely elusive disorder on a molecular level. Expression patterns of c-fos in rat brain were studied following treatment with single doses of the sigma ligand EMD 57445(More)
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