P Gunawardana

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This study was a 3 x 8 factorial arrangement of 3 nutrient densities (low, medium, and high) and 8 commercial Leghorn strains. The objective of this experiment was to determine the effect of increasing both dietary energy and other nutrients (amino acids, Ca, and available P) on performance, egg composition, egg solids, egg quality, and profits in 8(More)
Two experiments of 4 x 2 x 2 factorial arrangements of 4 dietary energy levels, 2 molting methods (feed withdrawal and no salt diet), and 2 strains (Bovans White and Dekalb White) were conducted to determine the effect of dietary energy and molting method on long-term postmolt performance of 2 strains of commercial Leghorns. In experiments 1 and 2, Bovans(More)
This paper presents the development of a software package that can be used to select a transformer of optimum capacity for given loading condition and also to check the thermal parameters of an existing transformer. The application of a load in excess of nameplate ratings and/or an ambient temperature higher than designed, involves a degree of risk and(More)
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