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Multi-agent methodology is used for various purposes, such as distributed solving problem, network management, etc. Multi-agent systems are also used for simulation. Usually, the emergence of macro-scopic properties is studied by simulating the behavior of agents and their interactions at a microscopic level. It is a bottom-up approach. Recently emphasis(More)
FLORES (the Forest Land Oriented Resource Envisioning System) was initially constructed by 50 people during a multidisciplinary workshop in Bukittinggi, Sumatra, in 1999. It proved that a model of a complex system could be constructed in a participatory way by a diverse team; that it could be done with a graphically-based package such as Simile; and that(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Cooperation among various stakeholders in forests management is widely accepted as a management strategy. Musi Hutan Persada (MHP), a big forest plantation company in South Sumatra, Indonesia, has established cooperation with local communities since 2000. Initially this cooperation was developed to adress the conflict over land uses(More)
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