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Apples (Malus domestica Borkh.) of two table and two cider cultivars were collected during fruit growth and maturation from the end of cell proliferation. Concentrations of flavonoids (flavan-3-ols, dihydrochalcones and flavonols) in the fruit flesh decreased sharply between circa 35 and circa 100 days after flowering. For hydroxycinnamic acids, the(More)
The CARRIOCAS project studies and implements a high-bit-rate optical network (up to 40Gb/s per wavelength) to enable high-performance applications in numerical design, virtual prototyping and scientific research to access to shared high capacity computing and storage resource. The project researches cover optical components and systems, network architecture(More)
A multitude of data on eco-physiological processes in apple (Malus × domestica) is available, concerning various aspects of fruit growth and development, fruit quality, or leaf photosynthesis. However, despite the wealth of data and studies many processes leading to (inter-annual and intra-arboreal) heterogeneity in quantity of fruit production as(More)
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