P. Guillemet

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This paper deals with the design of an active heat-sink antenna for radio-frequency transmitter. The antenna achieves electromagnetic and thermal functions by offering a suitable radiating pattern for transmission as high efficiency to remove the dissipated power within the transmitter by heat exchange to the surrounding medium. A test transmitter has been(More)
This paper presents a technique for measuring local electromagnetic energy loss through a transmission line by infrared thermal imaging. The technique offers an attractive route to investigate solid-state radio-frequency (RF) structures with different sizes and an arbitrary layout of lines by achieving an electromagnetic energy mapping over a wide frequency(More)
Self-heating of electric double-layer-capacitors during charge and discharge current cycles has a strong influence on performance, reliability and safety. This paper presents a compact thermal modelling of electric double-layer-capacitors suitable for determining static and dynamic temperature under cycling, at any point of the active components, as a(More)
Electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) operate between rechargeable batteries and electrolytic capacitors with respect to energy and power performance. Prediction of internal heating due to discharge and charge current cycles is one of key elements for producing reliable and safe devices with long cycle-life. A calorimetric technique was developed for(More)
This paper investigates different topologies of active heat-sink antenna combining electromagnetic and cooling functions within RF devices. Each topology of antenna is presented and its performance analysed. In addition, a thermal imaging technique has been developed, with respect to electro-thermal design of RF devices, for determining the power loss(More)
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