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Most modern wheat cultivars contain major dwarfing genes, but their effects on root growth are unclear. Near-isogenic lines (NILs) containing Rht-B1b, Rht-D1b, Rht-B1c, Rht8c, Rht-D1c, and Rht12 were used to characterize the effects of semi-dwarfing and dwarfing alleles on root growth of 'Mercia' and 'Maris Widgeon' wheat cultivars. Wheat seedlings were(More)
65nm Deeply Depleted Channel (DDC TM) transistors have been fabricated with a halo-free, un-doped epitaxial channel and enable reduced threshold voltage (V T) variation, lower supply voltage (V CC), enhanced body effect and I EFF. Digital circuits made using this technology show benefits ranging from 47% power reduction to 38% frequency increase. Analog(More)
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