P. Gowtham Srinivas

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We propose a model of coverage patterns (CPs) and approaches for extracting CPs from transactional databases. The model is motivated by the problem of banner advertisement placement in e-commerce web sites. Normally, an advertiser expects that the banner advertisement should be displayed to a certain percentage of web site visitors. On the other hand, to(More)
question By Example (QBE) permits the tip user specify associate example as input for the search mechanism. With reference to digital image process, CBIR (Content based mostly Image Retrieval) lets users specify associate example image and retrieve pictures that match the options of given image. This development is understood as CBIR and therefore the main(More)
In banner advertisement scenario, advertiser expects his advertisement should be displayed to certain percentage of visitors. He also expects the advertisement to be relevant to the content of web page. On the other hand, to generate more revenue for a given website, publisher has to meet the coverage demands of several advertisers by providing appropriate(More)
The data reliability has become an important issue in most communication and storage systems for high speed operation and mass data process. Various error correction code are provided for improving data reliability. A Reed-Solomon code is quite suitable for burst errors, but in case of random errors, it has some difficulty. For MLC NAND flash memories,(More)
The net photosynthetic rate (P N), intercellular CO2 concentration (C i), stomatal conductance (g s), transpiration rate (E), water use efficiency (WUE), and leaf biomass production of four American flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) cultivars K 326, K 358, and Speight G 28 were compared with three local Indian cultivars 16/103, Special FCV, and(More)
To study the behavior of Acuros XB algorithm for flattening filter free (FFF) photon beams in comparison with the anisotropic analytical algorithm (AAA) when applied to homogeneous and heterogeneous phantoms in conventional and RapidArc techniques. Acuros XB (Eclipse version 10.0, Varian Medical Systems, CA, USA) and AAA algorithms were used to calculate(More)
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