P. Goonan

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Three new species of Koonunga were discovered in surface and subterranean waters in southern Australia, and were defined using mtDNA analyses and morphology. The new species are: Koonunga hornei Leijs & King; K. tatiaraensis Leijs & King and K. allambiensis Leijs & King. Molecular clock analyses indicate that the divergence times of the species are older(More)
Temporary streams are characterised by short periods of seasonal or annual stream flow after which streams contract into waterholes or pools of varying hydrological connectivity and permanence. Although these streams are widespread globally, temporal variability of their ecology is understudied, and understanding the processes that structure community(More)
The Australian River Assessment System (AusRivAS) is a nationwide program designed to assess the health of Australian rivers and streams. The general AusRivAS method involves the establishment of a database of reference sites, which are sites that are considered to be minimally affected by anthropogenic impacts. These sites are then grouped into clusters of(More)
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