P Gonzalez-Porque

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sHLA are secreted by B and T lymphocytes upon activation. These antigens are present in serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The establishment of a sHLA index, IH = (CSF sHLA/serum sHLA)/(CSF albumin/serum albumin) helped us to define that values above 9.7 reflect an intrathecal synthesis of these proteins. IH was significantly increased in a group of(More)
Lauryl gallate (antioxidant food additive E-312) prevents the formation of dimethylbenzanthracene-induced skin tumours in mice, and kills, selectively, tumoral cells on established tumours. This results in total remission, after topical application of the compound on the tumoral mass, without affecting the surrounding tissue.
sHLA are soluble class I antigens produced by lymphocytes on early activation. We have studied the sHLA index IH = (CSF sHLA/serum sHLA)/(CSF albumin/serum albumin), which reflects the intrathecal synthesis (ITS) of sHLA in 23 intravenous drug abusers with central nervous system (CNS) HIV infection. Their mean IH value was increased and directly correlated(More)
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