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The Crohn's disease activity index, a similar index devised for patients with ulcerative colitis, and other commonly used laboratory indicators of disease activity have been studied in 50 patients with colonic inflammatory bowel disease undergoing routine colonoscopic assessment and compared with the histological extent and activity of disease. There was(More)
| The concepts and benefits of hands-on robotic surgery and active-constraint robotics are introduced. The argument is made for systems to be cost effective and simple in order that they can be justified for a large range of surgical procedures. The case is made for robotic systems to have a clear justification, with benefits compared to those from cheaper(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare O2 consumption, CO2 production, respiratory quotient and resting metabolic rate in premature neonates measured for 5 and 10 min steady-state periods and 15 and 20 min non-steady-state periods versus a 2-h measurement period. METHODS A prospective study with neonates evaluated by indirect calorimetry. The measurements from the 5, 10,(More)
It is common for industrial installations to be in operation for several decades, which means that upgrading the control systems of these plants is an imperative for several reasons. As new hardware and software solutions become available, spares are increasingly hard to find and technical support for the old hardware is dropped by the vendors. Lost or(More)
This paper proposes an improvement on the read-out and networking of the sputter ion pump (VPI) controllers, used in CERN accelerators for ultra-high vacuum pumping and measurement. The vacuum control systems are built around PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), which communicate through Profibus with several distributed IO-stations. The VPI controllers(More)
CERN is an International Organization whose chief goal is to perform fundamental particle physics research. The main tool used for such research is a complex network of particle accelerators and detectors with very demanding requirements for vacuum levels in the beam pipes, detectors, and cryogenic insulation elements. Vacuum is partly assured by(More)
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