P. Goetz

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Neuroticism has been hypothesized to systematically relate to semantic memory networks favoring negative affect, but no studies using affective priming tasks have established this link. The present two studies, involving 145 undergraduate participants, sought to provide initial evidence along these lines. Study 1 used a task in which participants were asked(More)
We created a comprehensive database covering all published cases of germline p53 mutations. The current version lists 580 tumours in 448 individuals belonging to 122 independent pedigrees. The database describes each p53 mutation (type of the mutation, exon and codon affected by the mutation, nucleotide and amino acid change), each family (family history of(More)
We describe two Li-Fraumeni syndrome families. Family A was remarkable for two early childhood cases of adrenocortical tumours, family B for a high incidence of many characteristic cancers, including a childhood case of choroid plexus tumour. Using direct sequencing, we analysed exons 5-9 of the p53 gene in constitutional DNA of individuals from both(More)
Two experiments involving 99 undergraduate participants sought to examine the influence of mood states on encoding speed within lexical decision and pronunciation tasks. Mood states were measured naturalistically in Experiment 1 and manipulated in Experiment 2. Stimuli consisted of nouns representing useful (e.g., food) and nonuseful (e.g., lint) objects.(More)
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