P. Godhandaraman

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We consider a batch arrival queueing system with two phases of service, feedback and K optional vacations under a classical retrial policy. At the arrival epoch, if the server is busy the whole batch joins the orbit. Whereas if the server is free, then one of the arriving customer starts its service immediately and the rest joins the orbit. For each(More)
In this paper, we introduce a single server retrial queue with general retrial times, two phases of service, balking and Bernoulli vacation. We assume that the arriving customers who find the server busy are queued in the orbit in accordance with an first come first served (FCFS) discipline and only the customer at the head of the queue is allowed for(More)
In this paper, we consider a batch Markovian arrival process with feedback. The Markov chain embedded at service completion epochs are investigated. The stationary queue length distribution and loss probability are obtained. The effects of various performances are analyzed. They confirm importance of special treatment of the models with the batch Markovian(More)
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