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The in vitro hepatic metabolism of diazinon, as well as the sensitivity of the brain acetylcholine esterase, to diazoxon inhibitory action have been studied in order to explain the different toxicity of diazinon to Oncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout), Poecilia reticulata (guppy), Brachydanio rerio (zebra fish) and Cyprinus carpio (carp). In spite of a very(More)
This paper reports the toxicological evaluation of pidotimod ((R)-3-[(S)-(5-oxo-2-pyrrolidinyl) carbonyl]-thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid, PGT/1A, CAS 121808-62-6). Its acute toxicity in mice, rats and dogs was very low after oral, i.v., i.m. and i.p. administration. The repeated administration studies in rats were performed for 4 months via the i.p. route(More)
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