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Homocarnosine, the brain-specific dipeptide of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and histidine, was found to be elevated in the CSF, i.e. approximately 20 times the mean control level, in two brothers and one sister. All three were similarly afflicted, i.e. with a progressive spastic paraplegia, progressive mental deterioration and retinal pigmentation. A(More)
Increased concentration of CSF homocarnosine has recently been found in a family with spastic paraplegia. CSF homocarnosine was therefore determined in 13 patients from other families with familial spastic paraplegia. Also examined were seven patients from families where the constellation of symptoms and signs was more complex, but also comprised spastic(More)
The concentrations of unbound amino acids in erythrocytes and in plasma from 7 normal individuals, 11 patients with various types of aregeneratory anaemia, and 4 patients with hereditary haemolytic anaemias were determined on a Technicon Amino Acid Analyzer (Perry et al 1970). Most amino acids were normally found in higher concentrations in plasma than(More)
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