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Silicon nanocrystals (SiNCs) smaller than 5 nm are a material with strong visible photoluminescence (PL). However, the physical origin of the PL, which, in the case of oxide-passivated SiNCs, is typically composed of a slow-decaying red-orange band (S-band) and of a fast-decaying blue-green band (F-band), is still not fully understood. Here we present a(More)
The syntheses and characterization of four new hybrid coordination networks based on lanthanide ions (Ln = Nd, Sm) and 1,3-carboxymethylimidazolium (L) salt in the presence of oxalic acid (H 2 ox) are reported. The influence of the synthesis parameters, such as the nature of the lanthanide ion (Nd 3+ or Sm 3+), the nature of the imidazolium source (chloride(More)
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