P. Geiser

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BACKGROUND Good governance may result in strengthened performance of a health system. Coherent policies are essential for good health system governance. The overall aim of this research is to provide the best available scientific evidence on principles of good policy related leadership and governance of health related rehabilitation services in less(More)
We have developed a voice data recording watch and the accompanying software and hardware needed to build an integrated solution for medical data capture and automatic codifica-tion. The stand-alone watch is used to capture, either by voice recording or by form-filling, the relevant information on the healthcare service being provided. The captured(More)
1. Safer-sex education is crucial for controlling the spread of HIV and this education is within the realm of nursing practice. 2. Safer-sex education for persons with mental illness must include repetitive, interactive education capitalizing on verbal, visual, written, tactile, and motor skill teaching methods to compensate for learning disabilities that(More)
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