P. Gane

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Rh(null) red cells are characteristically stomato-spherocytic. This and other evidence suggest that the Rh complex represents a major attachment site between the membrane lipid bilayer and the erythroid skeleton. As an attempt to identify the linking protein(s) between the red cell skeleton and the Rh complex, we analyzed the expression of Rh, RhAG, CD47,(More)
BACKGROUND Peritoneal dialysis fluids (PDFs) have been shown to alter mesothelial cell functions. To further determine the mechanisms involved, we investigated the effects of glucose, glucose degradation products (GDPs) and advanced glycation end products (AGEs) on the inhibition of human peritoneal mesothelial cell (HPMC) proliferation and the induction of(More)
The RH blood group locus is composed of two sequence-related genes, RHD and RHCE, encoding the D, Cc, and Ee antigens in common Rh-positive phenotypes. In this report, we have analyzed the molecular basis of Rh antigens expression in weak D (Du) and RN donors, in whom there is a severe reduction of the D and C/e antigens, respectively. Genomic and(More)
Lu (Lutheran) blood group and BCAM (basal cell adhesion molecule) antigens both reside on two gp (glycoprotein) isoforms, Lu and Lu(v13), that differ by the size of their cytoplasmic tail. They are receptors of laminin-10/11 and are expressed in RBCs (red blood cells), epithelial cells of multiple tissues and vascular endothelial cells. To gain more(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional peritoneal dialysis fluids (PDFs) have been shown to damage the mesothelial layer and are associated with the development of peritoneal fibrosis and neoangiogenesis. New-generation PDFs have therefore been developed with physiological pH and reduced levels of glucose degradation products (GDPs), precursors of advanced glycation end(More)
In most cases, the lack of Rh in Rh(null) red cells is associated with RHAG gene mutations. We explored the role of RhAG in the surface expression of Rh. Nonerythroid HEK293 cells, which lack Rh and RhAG, or erythroid K562 cells, which endogenously express RhAG but not Rh, were transfected with RhD and/or RhAG cDNAs using cytomegalovirus (CMV)(More)
The Ensembl (http://www.ensembl.org/) database project provides a bioinformatics framework to organize biology around the sequences of large genomes. It is a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of large genome sequences, available via interactive website, web services or flat files. As well as being one of the leading sources of genome(More)
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