P. Gaborit

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We revisit the code-based identification protocol proposed by Stern at Crypto'93, and give evidence that the size of public keys can be dramatically reduced while preserving a high and well-understood level of security. More precisely, the public keys can be made even shorter than RSA ones (typically 347 bits), while their size is around 150 Kbits in the(More)
In this note we reconsider the code-based pseudorandom generator proposed by Fischer and Stern. This generator is proven as secure as the syndrome decoding problem but has two main drawbacks: it is slow (3000 bits/s) and a large size of memory is needed (88 kiloBytes). We propose a variation on the scheme which avoid them: the use of regular words speeds(More)
Peer-To-Peer networks have become increasingly common as a means of transferring files over Internet. However, user anonymity and privacy are not typically protected in such peer-to-peer systems. An adversary can gain knowledge about not only the content of the files being transferred but also the senders and receivers of the files. In this paper, we(More)
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