P G Tittel

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Electroretinographic (ERG) measurements were performed in 9 schizophrenic patients and in 13 control subjects. The measurements of schizophrenic patients as a group did not differ from those of normals. However, 6 schizophrenic patients who had a past history of sun gazing showed a decrease in retinal responsiveness under conditions of light adaptation.(More)
  • R D Richards, P G Tittel
  • Investigative ophthalmology
  • 1973
The rigidity of the cornea and sclera was measured on ten enucleated human eyes by means of the distensibility ratio test. The eyes were obtained from the Medical Eye Bank of Maryland with the donor age ranging from 63 to 86 years. The time of anterior-posterior and equatorial measurements varied from 2 to 32 hours after enucleation. Changes in(More)
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