P. G. Siddheshwar

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The qualitative effect of nonuniform temperature gradient on the linear stability analysis of the Rayleigh-Benard convection problem in a Boussinesquian, viscoelastic fluid-filled, high-porosity medium is studied numerically using the single-term Galerkin technique. The eigenvalue is obtained for free-free, free-rigid, and rigid-rigid boundary combinations(More)
A generalized dispersion model is used to obtain exact solution for unsteady convective diffusion in the presence of couple stresses. The effect of the couple stress parameter 'a' on the most dominant dispersion coefficient is clearly depicted. The dimensionless mean concentration distribution is obtained as a function of dimensionless axial distance, time(More)
The effect of time-periodic oscillations of the RayleighBénard system on the heat transport in dielectric liquids is investigated by weakly nonlinear analysis. We focus on stationary convection using the slow time scale and arrive at the real GinzburgLandau equation. Classical fourth order Runge-kutta method is used to solve the Ginzburg-Landau equation(More)
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