P G Sacks

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Native cellular fluorescence (NCF) represents the innate capacity of tissues to absorb and emit light of specified wavelengths. Recent advances in optical engineering and computer technology have provided the, opportunity to measure NCF characteristics of various tissues in vivo. This report will briefly review the current status of NCF analysis of various(More)
Surgical procedures as a prelude to optical imaging are a rate-limiting step in experimental neuroscience. Towards automation of these procedures, we describe the use of nonlinear optical techniques to create a thinned skull window for transcranial imaging. Metrology by second harmonic generation was used to map the surfaces of the skull and define a(More)
We have recently developed a spectral reshaping technique to simultaneously measure nonlinear refractive index and nonlinear absorption. In this technique, the information about the nonlinearities is encoded in the frequency domain, rather than in the spatial domain as in the conventional Z-scan method. Here we show that frequency encoding is much more(More)
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