P. G. Reddy

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The Productivity From Information Technology (PROFIT) Initiative was established on October 23, 1992 by MIT President Charles Vest and Provost Mark Wrighton "to study the use of information technology in both the private and public sectors and to enhance productivity in areas ranging from finance to transportation, and from manufacturing to(More)
Frequent Patterns are very important in knowledge discovery and data mining process such as mining of association rules, correlations etc. Prefix-tree based approach is one of the contemporary approaches for mining frequent patterns. FP-tree is a compact representation of transaction database that contains frequency information of all relevant Frequent(More)
This paper introduces a new technique for face recognition in controlled domains by learning additional information using heuristics. Multiple faces, some of which with very low resolution and blurred onws are recognized by learning heuristics over time. Heuristics derived from seat to student correlation, student to student correlation, dress color, and(More)
Organizations share their data about customers for exploring potential business avenues. The sharing of data has posed several threats leading to individual identification. Owing to this, privacy preserving data publication has become an important research problem. The main goals of this problem are to preserve privacy of individuals while revealing useful(More)