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The successful synthesis and structural characterization of molecules that represent segments of extended solids is a valuable strategy for learning metric and stereochemical characteristics of those solids. This approach has been useful in cases in which the solids are particularly difficult to crystallize and thus their atomic connectivity and overall(More)
The cartilage of epiphysis and cuboid bones from three Beagle puppies bred from parents with a constant heredity of multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, was examined macroscopically, histomorphologically and histochemically. The puppies were euthanized at the age of one week, three weeks and five weeks, respectively. The investigation showed the foci of the(More)
The ligand 4,5-dicarboxyimidazole (H(2)DCI) and its methyl derivative 1-methyl-4,5-dicarboxyimidazole (H(2)MDCI) have been shown to bind to Be(II) forming a zwitterionic species that has been structurally characterized. A new dicarboxyimidazole-based polymer has been prepared and its Be-binding properties have been studied using NMR ((1)H and (9)Be) and(More)
This study determined the ability of 12 presbyopic subjects to read numerals from aeronautical approach procedure charts. The readability of chart numerals was determined for 15 size and contrast combinations as a function of near visual acuity (equivalent 20/20, 20/40, and 20/60) and chart brightness (100 and 1.0 ft L). Test subjects were evaluated at the(More)
A red contact lens (X-Chrom lens) worn on the nondominant eye by 12 color-defective subjects caused significant improvements on the Dvorine, Ishihara, and Hardy-Rand-Rittler pseudo-isochromatic color plate tests. Color vision scores on the Farnsworth Lantern, Color Threshold Tester, and Aviation Signal Light Gun were not improved. Minimal changes were found(More)