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This study describes comprehensive polling of transcription start and termination sites and analysis of previously unidentified full-length complementary DNAs derived from the mouse genome. We identify the 5' and 3' boundaries of 181,047 transcripts with extensive variation in transcripts arising from alternative promoter usage, splicing, and(More)
A strategy, termed homolog-scanning mutagenesis, was used to identify the epitopes on human growth hormone (hGH) for binding to its cloned liver receptor and eight different monoclonal antibodies (Mab's). Segments of sequences (7 to 30 residues long) that were derived from homologous hormones known not to bind to the hGH receptor or Mab's, were(More)
A chemically-synthesized gene and natural complementary DNA coding for human lymphotoxin were isolated and engineered for expression in Escherichia coli. Purified recombinant lymphotoxin shows cytotoxic activity on murine and human tumour cell lines in vitro and causes necrosis of certain murine sarcomas in vivo.
Steric and hydrophobic effects on substrate specificity were probed by protein engineering of subtilisin. Subtilisin has broad peptidase specificity and contains a large hydrophobic substrate binding cleft. A conserved glycine (Gly(166)), located at the bottom of the substrate binding left, was replaced by 12 nonionic amino acids by the cassette mutagenesis(More)
BACKGROUND Regulation of gene expression plays important role in cellular functions. Co-regulation of different genes may indicate functional connection or even physical interaction between gene products. Thus analysis on genomic structures that may affect gene expression regulation could shed light on the functions of genes. RESULTS In a whole genome(More)
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