P G M Kienhuis

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A so-called CI-CID mass spectral library based on GC-CI-MS-MS, LC-TSP-MS-MS, LC-ESI-MS-MS and LC-APCI-MS-MS data has been created and evaluated. The main advantage of the CI-CID spectral library is the independence of the chemical ionization and/or collision-induced dissociation procedure and the system apparatus used. Comparison of MS-MS spectra from(More)
Thirty-seven polar pesticides, mainly triazines, phenylurea herbicides and phenoxy acids, were determined by LC-atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation MS-MS with methanol and acetonitrile as the organic modifiers. For most pesticides, detection limits were the same irrespective of the modifier. However, for the phenylurea herbicides, propachlor,(More)
A procedure has been developed for the automated isolation of aflatoxin M1 from decreamed milk. The method uses on-line stopped flow dialysis and subsequent trace enrichment on a reverse-phase column. After a back-flush to the analytical liquid chromatography column, aflatoxin M1 is determined with fluorescence detection. Fully automated analysis is(More)
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