P. -G. Knapstein

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OBJECTIVE The results obtained using plastic surgery reconstruction in 207 patients with a primary or recurrent vulvar carcinoma were analyzed with regard to the surgical procedures applied, pre-treatment and post-operative findings, along with the long-term oncological disease course. STUDY DESIGN Standardized data concerning the surgical procedures(More)
OBJECTIVE The success of various surgical interventions in 201 cases with recurrent vulvar carcinoma was examined in the light of patients' pretreatment, surgical therapy, plastic reconstruction, and postoperative disease course. STUDY DESIGN A databank of standardized clinical data was analyzed using statistical procedures. RESULTS Therapy was selected(More)
In a group of 15 cases the cortisol concentrations were determined in fetal and maternal plasma during labour and after delivery. In maternal plasma the levels were about twice as high as in fetal plasma and rose up to more than 1000 mug/l during labour (x = 639 +/- 222). After delivery the concentrations decreased. In fetal plasma, cortisol increased(More)
111. P. Albert, C. Pake, K. Rotte (Wtirzburg): Das ferngesteuerte Nachladeverfahren (Remote controlled after loading) fiir die intrakavit~re Kontakttherapie (Brachytherapie) gynSkologischer Cardnome Bei der Strahlentherapie gyn/ikologischer Carcinome werden im Gegensatz zur konventionellen Radiumtherapie im ferngesteuerten Nachladeverfahren zunfichst leere(More)