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The move to cloud computing is the next stage of an unstoppable trend in the breakdown of the enterprise perimeter, both technically and organisationally. This new paradigm presents a number of security challenges that still need to be resolved but sufficient change in the IT environment has already happened-so that most organisations are working in a(More)
A study has been made of the effects of chemical sympathectomy and ganglion blockade on the responses of rat jejunum in vivo to intravenous doses of angiotension and noradrenaline capable of stimulating fluid transport. Pretreatment with 6-hydroxydopamine (chemical sympathectomy) or pentolinium tartrate (ganglion blockade) abolished the stimulatory actions(More)
A comparison has been made of intestinal fluid absorption between male Okamoto spontaneously hypertensive rats (s.h.r.) and normotensive male Wistar controls. S.h.r. show enhanced fluid absorption both in hypertensive adults and in young s.h.r. before hypertension has developed. Several potential causes for increased fluid transport in s.h.r. were tested(More)
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