P. G. De Luca

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-In today's office environment, electronic representation of information, intended as digital representation of a document, has been raised to the part of a protagonist. This paper advances a mixed topological/statistical approach to printed character preclassification, a way of separating a character set into disjointed categories. What is suggested is(More)
Three principle methods are available for fabric draping analysis; namely, simplified “mapping” and Finite Element methods applied at the macroand mesolevels. The mapping method was first introduced in the 1950’s and due to its simplicity is still the preferred technique for industrial work. During the past decade Finite Element methods have evolved that(More)
The production of documents aimed at supporting the flow of information in an office environment is experiencing an evolution based on the most advanced automation systems which concerns substantially four aspects: 1) the production of manipulable documents showing a high quality of representation; 2) the production of documents that can be integrated (or(More)
Cellular Manufacturing is a successful application of Group Technology concepts: we want to group parts into families having similar characteristics and identify dedicated set of machines (cells) to process the different families while minimizing the number of parts that need to be processed by machines placed in different cells (Inter-Cell Flow). The(More)
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