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Peroxisomal myeloperoxidase plays a key role in synthesis of oxidants by neutrophilic leukocytes. This heme protein consists of two subunits connected by a disulfide bond. The enzyme uses Н2О2 and Сl– for synthesizing HOCl, the major oxidant produced by neutrophils. In addition to the chlorination reaction, myeloperoxidase exhibits some other properties(More)
Random amplified polymorphic DNA fingerprints characteristic of thethree snakes Zaocys dhumnades, Agkistrodonacutus and Bungarus multicinctus multicinctuswere generated using primer OPF-14. Z. dhumnades is anendangered species included in the Convention on International Trade inEndangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, and A. acutus,B. multicinctus(More)
Myeloperoxidase plays the key role in antimicrobial oxygen-dependent activity of neutrophils. This heme-containing enzyme catalyzes HOCl formation from H2O2 and Cl–. HOCl is a strong oxidation agent produced at the significant level by neutrophils. Myeloperoxidase easily oxidizes thiocyanate to hypothiocyanate and Br– to HOBr, which are involved in(More)
The transformation of nascent phagosomes into forms capable of interacting with antimicrobial organelles of phagocytes, peroxisomes, depends on certain interactions between phagosomes and other vacuolar organelles. Phagosomes repeatedly interact with early and late endosomes through temporary contacts, which allows them to gain and lose complex sets of(More)
Myeloperoxidase plays the key role in antimicrobial of phagocytes. This enzyme uses hydrogen peroxide and chloride to catalyze hypochlorous acid formation. HOCl is the most probable agent in the oxygen-dependent bactericidal activity in the phagocyte phagosome. Chlorination markers indicate HOCl generation in the quantities lethal for bacteria. Enzymatic(More)
We present more accurate evidence for generation of endogenous hydrogen peroxide as a result of peroxidase-endogenous hydrogen peroxide system activity in the neutrophils (Rogovin et al., 1978). The normal cytochemical reaction of the peroxidase-endogenous hydrogen peroxide system in the neutrophil peroxidasosomes after elimination of water-dissolved H2O2(More)