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Fractures of the proximal humerus can be described using the Neer and AO fracture classifications. To assess the reproducibility and reliability of these classifications, we investigated 26 proximal humeral fractures with both plain radiographs and CT. 5 specialists in orthopedic surgery and 5 specialists in radiology independently classified all(More)
The Neer and AO fracture classifications for fractures of the proximal humerus have shown poor reproducibility based on plain radiography. We wanted to investigate whether the addition of 3-dimensional (3D) reconstructions would increase the reproducibility of classification. 7 observers independently classified 24 fractures of the proximal humerus using(More)
In a prospective 2-year followup study of 160 consecutive patients undergoing primary surgery for suspected lumbar disc herniation, the authors studied the diagnostic and prognostic factors by using stepwise logistic regression analysis. When the different factors were entered in the same order as presented clinically, history and pain analysis contained(More)
Recent studies have shown that with the injection technique presently recommended to diabetic patients, accidental intramuscular injection of insulin is liable to occur quite frequently. In this study, the simultaneous absorption of 125I-labeled soluble human insulin (5 U) from subcutaneous and intramuscular injection sites in the thigh and abdomen was(More)
Achilles tendon pain or rupture after fluoroquionolone treatment has been described as an uncommon adverse effect. We report two patients with ciprofloxacin-associated Achilles tendon disease, one with histopathological examination. Microscopic evaluation showed irregular collagen fiber arrangement, hypercellularity, and increased interfibrillar(More)
Besides their main function of assisting in breathing, the intercostal muscles also play an important role in maintaining the balance of forces acting on the thoracic cage including the thoracic spine. Since it is virtually impossible to conduct a morphometric evaluation of these muscles, a study was undertaken to standardize an ultrasound method for(More)
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