P. Fu

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UltraSPARC is the first microprocessor from Sun Microsystems' SPARC Technology Business to implement the new 64-bit SPARC V9 architecture. ULtraSPARC is equipped with unique multimedia capabilities and is capable of 4-way superscalar instruction dispatch, with an emphasis on maximal system efficiency and throughput in the execution of complex,(More)
the paper gives a description and key design features for the EAST power supply system consisting of superconducting coil power supply, inner vessel coil power supply, and additional heating power supply including microwave power supplies and neutral beam injection power supply. These power supplies are all realized by AC/DC converter, H Bridge and IGBT(More)
Modeling pronunciation variations is a critical part of spontaneous Mandarin speech recognition. Such variations include both complete changes and partial changes. Complete changes can usually be modeled by using an alternate phone to replace the canonical phone. Partial changes, which cannot be modeled by conventional methods are variations within the(More)
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