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The size and shape of macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids play an important role in their functions. Prior efforts to quantify these properties have been based on various discretization or tessellation procedures involving analytical or numerical computations. In this article, we present an analytically exact method for computing the metric(More)
The structures of proteins are well-packed, yet they contain numerous cavities which play key roles in accommodating small molecules, or enabling conformational changes. From high-resolution structures it is possible to identify these cavities. We have developed a precise algorithm based on alpha shapes for measuring space-filling-based molecular models(More)
UltraSPARC is the first microprocessor from Sun Microsystems' SPARC Technology Business to implement the new 64-bit SPARC V9 architecture. ULtraSPARC is equipped with unique multimedia capabilities and is capable of 4-way superscalar instruction dispatch, with an emphasis on maximal system efficiency and throughput in the execution of complex,(More)
the paper gives a description and key design features for the EAST power supply system consisting of superconducting coil power supply, inner vessel coil power supply, and additional heating power supply including microwave power supplies and neutral beam injection power supply. These power supplies are all realized by AC/DC converter, H Bridge and IGBT(More)
This paper presented a new particle swarm optimization based on evolutionary game theory (EPSO) for the traveling salesman problem (TSP) to overcome the disadvantages of premature convergence and stagnation phenomenon of traditional particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO). In addition ,we make a mapping among the three parts discrete particle swarm(More)
Facing serious energy-related constraints and environmental stress, the development of the green logistics industry is restricted by degrees of logistics energy utilization and carbon emissions. Considering different logistics spatial distributions, this paper uses the degree of regional logistics energy utilization and the spatial distribution of carbon(More)
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