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BACKGROUND There is indirect evidence that nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in vascular endothelium of patients with hypertension is altered. The aim of this study was to estimate more directly NO production in patients with untreated essential hypertension by measurement of synthesis of inorganic nitrate, which is the end product of NO oxidation in humans. Two(More)
There is indirect evidence for a gender difference in nitric oxide (NO) synthesis from vascular endothelium. The aim of the present study was to determine NO production more directly in healthy women and men by the measurement of 15N nitrate excreted in urine after the intravenous administration of L-[15N]2-guanidino arginine. Twenty-four healthy volunteers(More)
BACKGROUND There is evidence that endogenous nitrate synthesis is notably increased in patients with infective gastroenteritis. AIMS To determine whether this is due to nitric oxide (NO) production via the L-arginine/NO pathway. METHODS Seven male patients with community acquired bacterial gastroenteritis and 15 healthy male volunteers participated in(More)
tables or figures and should relate solely to an article published in Circulation within the preceding 12 weeks. Authors of letters selected for publication will receive prepublication proofs, and authors of the article cited in the letter will be invited to reply. Replies must be signed by all authors listed in the original publication. Please submit three(More)
Eleven patients with moderate to severe hypertension were pre-treated with oral labetalol 800–1200 mg/day for one week, prior to receiving two IV infusions of dopamine 1–3 μg/kg/min each of 30 min each, before and after the IV bolus injection of metoclopramide 30 mg. There were washout periods before and after the metoclopramide administration. Dopamine(More)
The role of nitric oxide (NO) and free radicals in the development of microvascular disease in type 1 diabetes remains unclear. We have measured NO and isoprostane (a stable marker of in vivo lipid peroxidation) production in 13 type 1 diabetic subjects with normal urinary albumin excretion and 13 healthy volunteers. Whole-body NO synthesis was quantified(More)
After oral administration of C-HR, peak plasma levels are detected after 2-9 hours. The plasma level declines progressively until 40 hours, after which the decline is very slow. This observation and the results obtained after i.v. administration, indicate that HR may be distributed to tissues (especially the endothelium of vessels), from which it is(More)
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