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Two experiments with badgers infected with Mycobacterium bovis are described. In the first, badgers were infected by intravenous inoculation of a bovine isolate of M bovis. The course of the disease in these and its spread to healthy badgers and calves was monitored by clinical, immunological and bacteriological means. In the second experiment a group of(More)
The neural basis underlying the cognitive side effects of ECT is unknown. Recent studies suggest that the memory dysfunction may be caused by alterations in hippocampal synaptic efficacy [20]. In situ hybridisation was used to examine the possible receptor mechanisms responsible for this effect. Repeated ECS markedly increased mRNA expression for the GluR1(More)
The diffusion coefficient and permeability, together with the oxygen uptake rate, have been measured in slices of respiring tissue. Values of these quantities are given for mouse kidney cortex and for implanted tumours of Lewis lung carcinoma in the mouse, and the fibrosarcoma SSB1a in the rat. The diffusion coefficient at 22 degrees C is 1.3 . 10(-5) . cm2(More)