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Changes in the temperature, pH, and partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) in the cervical canal and cavum uteri were measured in women with or without an intrauterine device and in the uteri of rats throughout the cycle. Only the PO2 exhibited significant variations, rising during the ovulatory phase in both cervices of women and uteri in rats. It is speculated(More)
Times of sperm entry into the oviduct from the uterus, into the ampulla from the isthmus; of sperm penetration into oocytes, and of cleavage, were determined using three mating regions. Time intervals and their errors of estimation were calculated. Spermatozoa were first found in the isthmus of the oviduct no earlier than 15 minutes after coitus, but(More)
The expression of intermediate filament proteins in human endometrial tissue was examined. Desmin was selectively expressed in decidualized stroma, as demonstrated by SDS-PAGE analysis and positive response with a monoclonal antibody specific for desmin in ELISA and in western blot analysis. The same monoclonal antibody specifically stained human decidual(More)