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The effect of adding LH (10 microgram NIH-LH-B8/ml) to the medium in which oocytes were undergoing maturation in vitro was studied. The fertilizability of the oocytes was evaluated in the sterile oviduct of a unilaterally ovariectomized, mated recipient. Freshly ovulated oocytes, used as a control of the method, were fertilized at a rate of 72%. Only 14% of(More)
Male rats were injected with 5, 10, and 20 mg diphenylhydantoin daily for two months and then caged for five days with cyclic females. Thereafter the males underwent necropsy, the organs of the genital tract were examined, and found to be unaffected. Blood testosterone and Leydig cell counts were normal. A significant reduction of fertility was observed(More)
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