P. F. G. Dechering

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V-cal is a calculus designed to support the compilation of data parallel languages that allows to describe program transformations and optimizations as semantics preserving rewrite rules. In V-cal the program transformation and optimization phase of a compiler is organized in three independent passes: in the rst pass a set of rewrite rules are applied that(More)
In this paper we describe an approach to the compilation of data-parallel programming languages based on a formally deened intermediate language, called V-cal. The calculus V-cal was designed to represent the semantics of data management and control primitives found in data-parallel languages and allows to describe program transformations and optimizations(More)
Extended abstract The forall statement is an important language construct in many (data) parallel languages 1], 2], 3], 6], 8], 9]. It gives an indication to the compiler which computations can be performed independently. In this abstract, we will deene a generalized forall statement and discuss its implementation. This forall statement has the ability to(More)
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