P F Drake

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Regional differences in the neuronal cytoskeleton were investigated in the giant neurons of Aplysia. Using SDS-PAGE, we have compared the proteins which comprise the cytoskeletons of cell bodies and axons. Separate populations of cell bodies and axons were collected and the proteins stained by the Coomassie brilliant blue method. Individual identified cell(More)
Cyclic nucleotides are believed to mediate a long-lasting synaptic hyperpolarization in the bursting pacemaker neuron, R15, and are capable of inducing bursting pacemaker activity in the usually silent metacerebral giant cell. Steady state voltage clamp techniques were used to examine the alterations of membrane characteristics produced in these different(More)
Fast axonal transport and neuronal protein synthesis was studied in the isolated nervous system of Aplysia californica. The abdominal ganglion with attached pleural-abdominal connectives (PAC) was removed and the ganglion pulse-labelled with [35S]methionine for 30 min in vitro. The axon containing connectives were ligated 24-28 mm from the ganglia and the(More)
Responsiveness of Aplysia neurons to agents that affect cyclic nucleotide levels was not limited to neurons exhibiting a spontaneous bursting activity pattern. Analyses of the I-V relationship elicited by triangular current ramps within cells exposed to different agents presumably causing elevated cyclic nucleotide levels showed qualitatively similar(More)
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