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Distal clavicle resection has been an effective procedure for treatment of acromioclavicular arthritis. The conventional open surgical technique involves deltoid detachment and reattachment, which may cause postoperative weakness and requires protection during the postoperative period to allow for healing. Arthroscopic acromioclavicular joint resection has(More)
Dissociation of the polyethylene component from its metal backing in total knee arthroplasty is a recognized problem regarding the patella. Two cases of dissociation of the metal-backed tibial component from its polyethylene articulating surface presented symptoms of prosthesis failure: persistent pain, swelling, sensations of instability, and gait(More)
Our ordinary plants usually have two names; the botanical and the common name. The botanical name is in Latin and serves readily to identify the plant, no matter what the native tongue of the writer or reader. Common names can have no such universality as they vary with the language. Also there are often' several different common names in one language.(More)
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