P.-F. Braun

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We analyze the experimental hadron yield ratios for central nucleus-nucleus collisions in terms of thermal model calculations over a broad energy range, √ s N N =2.7-200 GeV. The fits of the experimental data with the model calculations provide the thermal parameters, temperature and baryo-chemical potential at chemical freeze-out. We compare our results(More)
The scalability of a quantum network based on semiconductor quantum dots lies in the possibility of having an electrical control of the quantum dot state as well as controlling its spontaneous emission. The technological challenge is then to define electrical contacts on photonic microstructures optimally coupled to a single quantum emitter. Here we present(More)
We show that the scaling properties of river runoff records represent a useful tool for evaluating precipitation-runoff models that are widely used in hydrology for assessment of the water balance in a given river catchment. In this respect, it is important that the model maps the processes that control the water balance. The main field of application is(More)
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