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The PSM model is used to analyze the process of diffraction occurring in volume reflection gratings in which fringe contrast is an arbitrary function of distance within the grating. General analytic expressions for diffraction efficiency at Bragg resonance are obtained for unslanted panchromatic lossless reflection gratings at oblique incidence. These(More)
Calculated diffractive efficiencies in the visible spectral band from lossless planar holographic gratings are studied using the PSM and Kogelnik models of diffraction for the case of the σ-polarization. The results are numerically compared with rigorous coupled wave calculations over a wide parameter space covering both transmission and reflection(More)
This paper presents the research on application of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in wind power generation system and highlights an important issue associated with the deadline for the delivery of messages among nodes based on IEEE 802.15.4E standard. Due to the limits of standard and the power system application requirements, this research proposes a(More)
Yuan blue-and-white porcelain has importanthistorical and cultural significances. A multi-perception display technique adopting holography and music for Yuan blue-and-white porcelain is investigated in this paper. The selected art work is the Zhao Jun Chu Sai Jar, where Wang Zhaojun (a famous woman in Han Dynasty) is playing lute. When the audience is near(More)
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