P. Eugene Xavier

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BACKGROUND Schistosomiasis is a neglected tropical disease, endemic in 76 countries, that afflicts more than 240 million people. The impact of schistosomiasis on infertility may be underestimated according to recent literature. Extracts of Schistosoma haematobium include estrogen-like metabolites termed catechol-estrogens that down regulate estrogen(More)
A 2-dimensional probabilistic model has been developed utilizing the properties of the Random Processes to enhance the stability of enterprise computing applications and hence the productivity factor of software projects. This innovative model would prove to be better than other estimation methods including various heuristic as well parametric approaches. A(More)
This paper suggests an on-line identification algorithm for estimating a cerebrospinal fluid outflow resistance-one important lumped parameter in the well-known finite-dimensional nonlinear model describing a behaviour of intracranial pressure of humans. The results of on-line tests of the presented algorithm on recorded experimental data are given.
Thesis for the degree of licentiate of engineering in Applied Electronics at Umeå University Vetenskaplig uppsats för avläggande av teknologi licentiatexamen i tillämpad elektronik vid Umeå Universitet ABSTRACT Generating and stabilizing periodic motions in nonlinear systems is a challenging task. In the control system community this topic is also known as(More)
In this paper, we aim to describe the method of architecting stable Autonomic Computing Systems by applying the basic principles of Design Patterns in the Probabilistic Software Stability Model (PSSM). <i>Autonomic Computing</i> provides an environment which has the capability to manage itself and accommodate the changes in correlation to the business(More)
Multiharmonic least-squares fitting algorithms have been applied in many fields of instrumentation and measurement. However, as the number of harmonics increases, the size of the matrices needed to describe the relation between the sampled signal and the multiharmonic model increases substantially. In this paper an efficient memory-wise implementation of(More)
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