P. Elaine Guerrero

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  • Patrick Guerrero, Xinning Li, Ketan Patel, Michael Brown, Brian Busconi
  • 2009
BACKGROUND Lateral Patella dislocations are common injuries seen in the active and young adult populations. Our study focus was to evaluate medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) injury patterns and associated knee pathology using Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies. METHODS MRI studies taken at one imaging site between January, 2007 to January, 2008 with(More)
The diagnosis and treatment of proximal biceps tendon injuries continue to be a challenge. The difficulty lies on determining if there is isolated biceps pathology versus concomitant rotator cuff tears or instability. Imaging modalities, such as magnetic resonance imaging, continue to provide us with the extra tool to help us confirm our suspicion of(More)
BACKGROUND Modification of the Bröstrom repair with suture anchors has been used to address chronic lateral ankle instability. However, there are few studies in the literature reporting the functional outcomes after this particular procedure in the high-demand athlete. HYPOTHESIS Anatomical reconstruction of the lateral ankle ligaments for chronic(More)
UNLABELLED Congenital instability of the shoulder is a form of multidirectional instability not caused by a traumatic event. It is believed that excess laxity may be responsible for an overly elastic capsule and, therefore, can contribute to multidirectional instability. Minor microtraumatic events can progressively lead to the development of pain and lead(More)
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