P. E. Sankaranarayanan

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Information security is a growing concern today for organizations and individuals alike. This has led to growing interest in more aggressive forms of defense to supplement the existing methods. One of these methods involves the use of honeypots. A honeypot is a security resource whose value lies in being probed, attacked or compromised. In this paper we(More)
In recent years, the availability of wireless technologies has become prominent solution for next generation wireless networks (NGWN). Hence the demand for secure communication is an important research issue. Cryptography is recognized as the best method of data protection against active and passive attacks. Therefore a novel chaotic cryptographic scheme is(More)
In country like India the electricity board to read the meter readings from remote energy meters uses human agents. To overcome the disadvantage of using human agents, our initial works proposed mobile agents for accessing the remote energy meters from the electricity board .But with a single mobile agent, problems like load, lack of memory space and(More)
The key performance metrics in wireless sensor networks are both network lifetime and an average time required to report an event reliably. The optimal solution must be taken into account to meet these metrics. Considering energy-latency constraints in sensor networks, we have developed a cluster architecture using mobile agents to detect the yarn break in(More)
The Random Early Detection (RED) mechanism, attempts to control the congestion level at a bottleneck by monitoring and updating the average queue size. The RED algorithm calculates the average queue size using a low pass filter with an exponential weighted moving average. The average queue size is compared to two thresholds: a minimum and a maximum(More)
Size is one of the important parameters in grading of fruits. Also quantifying the fruit's shape gives value addition to the fruits. This paper describes analytical methods to estimate the size and shape of citrus fruits to grade them based on single view fruit images. Sweet-lime and orange fruits are taken for case study of size and shape determination(More)
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