P. E. O'Connell

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As trade-off relationships between the agronomy and the environment are common over land uses within a catchment, one of major concerns of catchment management plans is how to balance the trade-offs over land uses at the catchment-scale. In this two-part paper, an integrated modelling and multicriteria analysis (MCA) methodology is presented which can be(More)
The site-specific land use optimisation methodology, suggested by the authors in the first part of this two-part paper, has been applied to the River Kennet catchment at Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK, for a case study. The Marlborough catchment (143 km(2)) is an agriculture-dominated rural area over a deep chalk aquifer that is vulnerable to nitrate pollution(More)
Most of the radiology productivity measurement programs that have been developed have focused on large acute-care hospital settings. Specialized radiology operations, such as those in rehabilitation facilities, have unique characteristics that should be accounted for in developing productivity standards. This article describes the productivity measurement(More)
A methodology is developed for deriving robust operating rules for the interim control of a multipurpose reservoir. The methodology includes the generation of policies using optimisation models, the derivation of robust operating rules using artificial neural networks and the evaluation of the identified policies through simulation. The approach developed(More)