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Some organochlorine pesticides and other synthetic chemicals mimic hormones in representatives of each vertebrate class, including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish. These compounds are called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Similarly, hormonelike signaling has also been observed when vertebrates are exposed to plant chemicals called(More)
We compared and contrasted physician assistant and physical therapy profession admissions processes based on the similar number of accredited programs in the United States and the co-existence of many programs in the same school of health professions, because both professions conduct similar centralized application procedures administered by the same(More)
PURPOSE Texas Medical Board physician assistant (PA) data were assessed to assist workforce education and planning strategies for PA programs in regions with high percentages of Hispanic populations. METHODS Data were assessed for gender, ethnicity, program attended and current employment addresses within the 14 Texas-Mexico border counties. RESULTS Of(More)
The expanding use of data management techniques and, especially, an increase in data dictionary usage reflects the growing importance placed on data as a resource. While most organizations now recognize the need to provide good definitions for their data, few achieve a high quality data definition program. One of the possible reasons is that guidelines for(More)
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