P. E. Jones

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Gluten withdrawal from the diet is occasionally used speculatively in the management of multiple sclerosis. To assess whether there might be any rational basis for such a measure we have undertaken morphological and biochemical studies of the jejunal mucosa in 14 patients with multiple sclerosis. All were found to have morphologically normal villi, and(More)
This is a summary of a bigger report based on the results arrived at the New Orleans data base design workshop. This paper outlines the four major areas of data base design. It discusses the important issues, some of the results which have been achieved and future research problems.
PURPOSE Texas Medical Board physician assistant (PA) data were assessed to assist workforce education and planning strategies for PA programs in regions with high percentages of Hispanic populations. METHODS Data were assessed for gender, ethnicity, program attended and current employment addresses within the 14 Texas-Mexico border counties. RESULTS Of(More)
The kinetics of acid release by a mixture of T cells and antigen presenting cells were measured with a microphysiometer during a brief exposure to antigenic peptides. We find that some of the early biochemical events that lead to cellular proliferation cause a specific increase in the rate of acid release. The duration of this increase in acid release(More)
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