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The most comprehensive paper on floor and ceiling to date is one by L. M. Breed [I]. Breed has collected and organized a number of conditions that must be satisfied by floor and ceiling and has measured several proposed functions against these conditions. The function that best meets the required conditions is one that Breed calls FL4. We have discovered,(More)
The Symbol set described herein has been adopted at the University of Maryland for APL usage fro m Model 35 Teletypes . One of the primary considerations has been that workspaces should be inter changeable, regardless of the terminal device used to create them . Since we may eventually support IB M 2741 Communications Terminals, this effectively ruled out(More)
Although workspace dumps are a convenient means of exchanging APL packages between installations using the same imple/~entation0 the internal differences of the various implementations make them impossible to use otherwise~ Since the only thing that is common ~nong all ~i~plementations is the source lan~lage~ any general exchange method must involve(More)
The computing community is now concerned with the cost in time and money consumed by the debugging process. In spite of advances, such as proving program correctness, use of higher level languages and new methods for structuring programs, the problem remains. The panelists will consider many phases of the debugging activity as it exists today, giving their(More)
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