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In an earlier study, two medical expert systems for diagnosing thyroid disorders, developed by the application of induction on a sample of previously diagnosed cases and on expert-generated rules, diagnosed a set of test cases better than an expert system developed by the more traditional method of collaboration between a knowledge engineer and an expert.(More)
The effectiveness of an induction algorithm for making decisions was investigated using a complete set of diagnoses and corresponding outcomes for all possible distinct cases of thyroid disorders. Investigation of both diagnoses and outcomes followed a late discovery of a misunderstanding between the knowledge engineers and the expert. The knowledge(More)
When shown the names of two objects, subjects determine which object is larger more slowly as the difference in the sizes of the objects decreases. This might result from variations in the time taken to access sufficient information to perform the task; information which crudely specifies size is accessed first and can be used when the sizes differ greatly;(More)
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