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Structural and chemical properties of Hf-based layers fabricated by RF magnetron sputtering were studied by means of x-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy versus the deposition parameters and annealing treatment. The deposition and post-deposition conditions allow us to control the(More)
The controlled fabrication of Si nanocrystals embedded in thin silicon oxynitride films (<15 nm) on top of a silicon substrate has been realized by PPECVD with N(2)O-SiH(4) precursors. The effect of inert and oxidizing annealing processes on the Si nanocrystal spatial and size distributions is studied by coupling ellipsometry measurements and(More)
The synthesis of two-dimensional arrays of Si nanocrystals in an HfO2 matrix has been achieved by deposition of HfO2/SiO/HfO2 multilayer structures followed by high temperature (1100 degrees C) thermal treatment in nitrogen atmosphere. Silicon out-diffusion from the SiO layer through the HfO2 films has been shown to be the limiting factor in the formation(More)
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